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We have a lot to show you in our Wedding Video and Wedding DVD Production Services.  If you have any questions, at all, please call us on 01924 829 384 and we can help you in a friendly and no absolutely no obligation way.

Things to see:

Please see our Wedding Videography Services Comparison Chart below for a quick overview of the best Package for your Special Wedding Video and Wedding DVD.

Wedding Video Feature Comparison Table

  • Description
  • World Class Video Editing Suite
  • Skilled Camera Crew
  • Retail Quality DVDs & Blu-Ray
  • Presentation Cases
  • Choice of Wedding styles and themes
  • Full HD Multi-Camera Editing
  • Bridal Preparations
  • Groom Preparations
  • Wedding Service
  • Short Wedding Service Video played at reception
  • Reception Video
  • Cutting the Cake and First Dance
  • Wedding Day Highlights
  • Professional Photo and Video Montage
  • Video Guestbook
  • 1 Videographer & 1 HD Camera
  • 1 Videographer & 2 HD Cameras
  • 2 Videographer and 2 HD Cameras
  • 2 Videographer and & 3 HD Cameras
  • Up to 5 DVDs FOC (Worth £40)
  • Up to 10 DVDs FOC (Worth £80)
  • Up to 15 DVDs FOC (Worth £120)
  • Up to 20 DVDs FOC (Worth £160)



  • Superb!



  • Enhanced!



  • Ultimate!

Wedding Service

  • £97.00
  • Amazing Price!

Our wedding video bookings usually come as direct referrals from other happy couples, Wedding Photographers and Wedding Venue’s.

Our aim is to offer you a Wedding DVD or Blu-Ray that you will have forever.  We have a simple and professional approach to Filming Weddings, using our experience to capture a natural wedding video, which is filmed in an unobtrusive style.

We use the very best in HD Camera’s to capture your wedding for those looking for a quality production HD and Blueray are also available, this future-proofs your Special Day and captures your dreams and memories forever!

From the HD master recordings we will produce and store an HD edited master copy which can then be used to produce copies of stunning quality onto Blu-Ray, DVD, Online.  Also, the Wedding Video Blu-Rays and Wedding Video DVDs are Retail Quality.  We only use Thermal Printing facilities that result in a pretty much unscractahble surface unlike inkjet printing which may render your Wedding Video Blu-Ray or Wedding Video DVD unusable with a simple scratch.

You can order copies on the format that you prefer at the time of your wedding and you can order further copies after the wedding on either DVD or Blu-Ray. Please see the prices page for our current prices and FAQ’s about copies on various formats. We can also arrange for bulk duplication where required.

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